Pottery in the History of Tunisia
Descriptions of the production process
Jars Antique Amphoras for home and garden decoration
reproduction of moorish decoration
Hand made pottery with modern design
Vase Decorated with flowers in relief
Pottery decorated with silver wire
Hand mad paintings on the wood
Wooden mirrors covred with decorated layer of resin
Handpainted Wooden Tea Tray
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Payment and shipping options


I) Payment :

We accept bank transfer in Euro or in US dollar. We will ship your package after receiving your payment.

We also accept the international postal orders and Western Union.

Please send us by email the references of your order and your financial operation.

Email : info@poterie-de-tunisie.com

Adresse :

Khaled Ben Daamer "TELLIDORA"
21, Rue Jerusalem
2037 Ariana

Phone & Fax : +(216) 71717236

II) Shipping :

Depending on customer location, nature of the goods and size of the order we propose shipping options from the following alternatives:

Regular postal services
Express mail services
Courier services (Federal Express, DHL or TNT)
Air freight services
Truck delivery services (only large orders and retailers)

Delivery times :

Delivery times include availability plus shipping time.

Shipping time is estimated as follows :

Regular mail to Europe / USA 2-3 weeks (average 2 weeks)
to other overseas countries 3-4 weeks (average 3 weeks)
Express mail to Europe / USA 1 week
to other overseas countries 10 days
Courier services to Europe / USA 48 hours
to overseas countries 72 hours

Availability times depend on product and range from 1 week (in stock or stored by a proximate supplier) up to 8 weeks...

For an optimal shipping and delivry time we opted a 2 times command process:
- Request for quote: we base on this request to evaluate the most efficient options for the shipping.
- command: we give the customer the choice to select the most cost-effective options of shipping and payment


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