Pottery in the History of Tunisia
Descriptions of the production process
Jars Antique Amphoras for home and garden decoration
reproduction of moorish decoration
Hand made pottery with modern design
Vase Decorated with flowers in relief
Pottery decorated with silver wire
Hand mad paintings on the wood
Wooden mirrors covred with decorated layer of resin
Handpainted Wooden Tea Tray

ceramic art in tunisian History


1.the original berber pottery:

The art of ceramics and pottery is rooted in the local traditions of the Maghreb countries . Indeed, one used, since the antiquity, the terracotta tanks like the earthenware jars to store and preserve harvests of corn, lens, dates and olive oil. Oil lamps and small figurines based on clay are used in the ceremonies of marriages to carry happiness and move away bad spirits. These same articles found at the time of the excavations of the prehistoric coffins confirm the ancestral aspect of this art.

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2.Foreign Influences:

  Amphores pointues phéniciennes

Since, the pottery art has known many influences as civilizations alterned on the country.

The Phoenicians contributed with new shapes like the pointed amphora conceived for the marine transport.The Romans specialized in the relief decorated pottery.

But the most important contribution came in the islamic periode when many forms, decoration and techniques such as glaze and luster painting are introduced.Glazed bowls with painted flowers flourished in Aghlabide ceramic.The lusterware was popular in Fatimid dynasty...

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