Pottery in the History of Tunisia
Descriptions of the production process
Jars Antique Amphoras for home and garden decoration
reproduction of moorish decoration
Hand made pottery with modern design
Vase Decorated with flowers in relief
Pottery decorated with silver wire
Hand mad paintings on the wood
Wooden mirrors covred with decorated layer of resin
Handpainted Wooden Tea Tray
 Artistic Pottery

  This gallery show you the last modern creations in the artistic ceramic. Decorative vases, Tealight, vases set of multiple dimensions.The creamy caramel crackle color match the one of the wood

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Flask Set
81 US$
Fruit candy box
39 US$
Oriental Teapot+Stand
156 US$
Large Teapot+Stand
78 US$
curved vase
91 US$
Fish vase
104 US$
Square vase
104 US$
"Flower" vase
104 US$
Big Piggy
39 US$
Vase 2 rings
49 US$
Amphora on tree trunk
104 US$
inclined Urn Set
104 US$
Pear candy box Set
78 US$
Flamingo vase Set
78 US$
Fiask vase Set
78 US$
Nautilus vase Set
78 US$
Pear Tealight+plat
91 US$
Large Pear Tealight
91 US$
Candy box Set
84 US$
Candybox long handle
46 US$
Candy box with plat
65 US$
Vase 3 roses
39 US$
Heart teapot Set
91 US$
Candy box
78 US$
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