Pottery in the History of Tunisia
Descriptions of the production process
Jars Antique Amphoras for home and garden decoration
reproduction of moorish decoration
Hand made pottery with modern design
Vase Decorated with flowers in relief
Pottery decorated with silver wire
Hand mad paintings on the wood
Wooden mirrors covred with decorated layer of resin
Handpainted Wooden Tea Tray

Poterie-de-tunisie.com: Rules of the draw game

1. Being a customer is not a necessary condition to participate in the game, and it has no effect on your chances of winning.
2. This promotion is only open to individuals who are 20 years of age or older at the time of registration.
3. poterie-de-tunisie.com employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in this game.
4. To register online, you must enter your e-mail address and click on the "Register" button, After confirmation your email will be entered into a database for a draw which will determine the "winner of the month" ".
Your email address would also be entered in our mailing list to receive information on our promotional offers, the list of new products as well as any important event concerning poterie-de-tunisie.com. Please ensure the accuracy of your email, poterie-de-tunisie.com is not responsible for false email addresses.
5.All email entries must be submitted before midnight (TUNIS time) of the last day of each month. electronic entries are assumed to be submitted by the email account holder
6. One month before each draw a piece of pottery would be selected. the gift will be sent 15 days after the date of the draw.
7. Potential winners will be notified by electronic mail (e-mail). You then have 5 days (not including Sunday) to send us your delivery address by email otherwise you are disqualified from the game
8. accepting the price of poterie-de-tunisie.com implies your permission to publish on our site the initials of your first and last name on the list of winners

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Gift of the month July Gift of the month August

Applique tagine A a value of 23 Euro

Veilleuse Cage a value of 27 Euro

Winners' list

-Name of the winner July 2006 : Nab.Ben.Mim, TUN

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